Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An update

Okay....I know we haven't blogged in awhile. We were on major overtime...coming in early to work, some of us where staying late as well, then hitting the gym. It was hard to find the energy to blog. So here is an update...I guess we are doing okay, I hope better than the other teams. I don't want to give away to much info so that the other teams would know where we are right now. Our bodies are in the routine for working out. We are adapting pretty well. No more soreness. There are some things that I still crave. I wanted a Laffy Taffy so bad yesterday but I ate a banana instead. I still get cravings for things such as coke a cola, cake, and some fast food. I am doing pretty well with dealing with those cravings as far as not giving in. I even have my husband coming to the gym to work out. It was so funny on Monday because my husband didn't really believe me when I told him how strenuous our Monday's workout are with Kari. I call Kari "Ms. Ain't gonna play that!!!" and she is serious about her workouts. So anyway, Monday my husband joined us in our workout which is 1 hour long with weights and resistance training. My husband could only hang for 10 minutes then he was done!!! He told me that he had alot of respect for for me that I am taking this serious and trying to get healthy. He also said Kari tried to kill him.

Today we did Zumba. I love Zumba, it is so fun. I would say our toughest workout out of group training with Kari, spinning, Zumba, Kick boxing/boot camp, and one on one training with Jennifer is the workout with Kari. Man she is tough but she gives you a full body workout. I know that when this is over I am going to keep up the habit of going to the gym at least 3 or 4 times a week. I want to be in a size 10 to 12 by Christmas party time. Well I am signing off until next time!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3 Weeks Later

You know I am going to be very honest, the first couple of weeks was kind of hard know getting into the routine, changing our eating habits but we are coming along. I am so proud of my team mates. We have all adjusted just fine. We all know what the benefits are for good health.

I still get a craving for a coke-a-cola and I've been wanting a glazed Krispy Kreme donut since we started. I want to say that for me I made the right choice and did not give into my cravings. My family have been a great support system, very encouraging. My husband has been taking on a lot of the household duties and I want to say thank you honey for being supportive. Our co-workers are cheering us on as well and it feels good to know that they are behind us!!!!

Our personal trainers are pushing us and they are so knowledgeable. We have all lost weight (I would say but I don't want the other teams to know just how much.)and it feels so good. We get a good work out with each of them and we learn a lot from them.

Today I was able to put on a pair of jeans that I couldn't wear a year ago. My husband even notice and he really likes what he is seeing. I appreciate all of the trainers that we are working with, we became family and it is a pleasure to know that they really care about us and our health. I have taking PRIDE in my accomplishments and I look forward to more successes. Go Team Pride!!!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Team updates Feb.21st.

We are working well as a team and working very hard to get fit and healthy. We have the best trainers anyone could every ask for. We are learning a lot. Making big changes in our lives to be healthier and stronger. I know we have all of our hearts and souls in this challenge. Striving to do the best that we can do. Continue to learn and eat healthier. It is the most rewarding feeling I have ever had in my life. We will continue to work hard and win this challenge.
Kimberly Hill

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Chance To Change

Going into this we had our game face on and we were ready to get down to business. After three days our bodies are sore but we know that this road will get easier and easier. We are ready to put the work in so we can accomplish all of our goals. My team mates are wonderful, always encouraging. We know that in order for the team to be successful we each have to do our own part and we do. This is a life changing opportunity and we are going to put in one million percent!!!!

Our trainers at The YMCA are wonderful. They are so knowledgeable and I love it when they e-mail us in the morning to check on us to see how we are doing. Rael is always so happy and smiley. Kari starts us off with her game face on but after the work out she is totally the opposite. She makes sure we get the work out that we need and no slacking. Jennifer is so sweet and she knows how to ride a bike!!!! We haven't worked out with any of the other trainers no info on them. Everyone else at the YMCA are so helpful and is ready to help.

Watch out Tallahassee....Team Pride is in it to win it!!!!!!!!!!